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Tumblr, forgot you existed.

Romantic as fvck.

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totally forgot this existed, USA.

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Sometimes Mike Ness just knows whats up.

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I don’t want to love you anymore.

So, we meet again.

Finna try to use this tumblr more. Less people trolling and trying to fuck up my vibe on here.

To be 15 again.
We speak to each other thru the words of other people’s heartache. Thinking of you is the loneliest feeling a person can have, seeing your face is seeing the sun rise over the surface of the earth from my corner of space. Despite how inexplicably beautiful you are, I will always observe and nothing more, isolated and alone. My spacecraft crashed years ago upon this surface, I ripped out the controls. I couldn’t be a part of this place anymore, it pained me to be too close, knowing that they would never would see you how I did. I thought to watch you from afar would be enough, that was so long ago. Now every day I reach out to nothingness, and l long for that beauty to touch back. I would give my anything to feel your sunshine on my face, the warmth I would feel when I was close to you, it’s been ages now since I could feel anything close, although I feel bits of sunlight, it’s never the same as from you. You may not hear me scream, but I hope you hear me whisper my apology as they destroy from the inside, I wish I could save you. From where I am you couldn’t be more more beautiful, I’m sorry.

This is the album that made me fall in love with jazz, its the only Coltrane album to feaure vocals and Johnny Hartman is INCREDIBLE, the way he was able to sing such beautifully romantic songs with loneliness and catharsis in his voice, he was such a rare talent, enjoy.

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